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Target Field Field Level Down the Line Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Adjacent to the Dugout Boxes down both sides of the field are Sections 101-104 and 124-127. These sections are the largest in the ballpark, spanning up to 30 rows. The angle towards home plate is better than most down the line seating in other stadiums.

Because of how shallow the sections are, children in rows further back may have a difficult time seeing over fans in front of them.

When deciding between the first base line and third base line, consider that sections 125-127 will be among the last in the ballpark to get shade, while higher number rows down the 1B line will get the sun first.

For diverse food options, choose Section 126 to be near the Carvery, Asian Wok and other concession stands.  -

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    • "Not bad"

      (Section 101) - -


    • "Close In, Exposed To Elements, Lots of Traffic"

      (Section 125) - -

      Mixed bag-- mostly positive. Seats are in direct sun for day games and anywhere until 4th-6th inning for midsummer eve/night games. Middling-low probability for foul balls-- one came two seats away on a bounce once. But be alert, as there is usually at least one foul ball a game within a section'...

    • "Awesome!"

      (Section 124) -

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