Target Field

Target Field Upper Level Down the Line Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Like Infield seating on the Upper Level, each section has 14 rows with a tunnel entrance at Row 1. Sections 301-302 are incredibly far away from the field and offer little more than the opportunity to freeze to death from the wind.

Sections 306-307 have a great view of the scoreboard, while seats in 326 and 327 will have a great view of downtown but a bad angle towards the scoreboard.  -

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    • "Beautiful View of the City"

      (Section 324) - -

      These are some of the cheapest tickets to a Twins game, but the city view gives them a nice little bonus. Seats are far down the line, but angled well towards the infield. Really windy up here though. I imagine they are bitter cold in April.

    • "The biggest gamble in Section 302 is the wind."


      There will probably be no place more bone-chilling than 302 in April and October.

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