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Target Field Upper Level Infield Seating


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The Upper Level at Target Field is also referred to as the View level. These are among the least expensive seats in the ballpark, though Sections 313-317 offer some of the best bird's eye views of the entire field from behind home plate.

Each section in Upper Level Infield has 14 rows with the tunnel entrance at Row 1. So if you want to avoid walking a lot of stairs, stick to a lower-numbered row.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "A safety rail blocks view of infield between 3rd & 2nd"

      (Section 309) - -

      A cable blocks the view of the first base line. You can't see the ball thrown from pitcher to catcher without interference from one of the four cables. Had to move back to at least the third row, which barely made the rail clear the first base line.

    • "Not Bad For the 300 Level"

      (Section 310) - -

      I don't like the top of the 300s, but this isn't a bad spot. Pretty good view of the infield, no railing obstruction and comfortable views to all corners of the outfield. Fairly easy to get up stairs to row 5. Loved looking straight across to video board in LF.

    • "Directly Behind Home Plate"

      (Section 315) - -

      Seats are fully covered (good, because it looks like rain). Directly behind home plate. Beautiful view of city, scoreboard anf of course he diamond.

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