Tacoma Dome

Tacoma Dome Upper Level Side Seating


Sitting Here for a Concert

The best budget-friendly tickets to a concert are found in the side sections on the second level (B level) of the Tacoma Dome. These sections offer unobstructed views, plenty of elevation and a lower ticket price than the A level.

Despite their location to the side of the stage, we recommend sections 9B and 15B as the best upper level side sections. These sections ensure the closest views of the stage and their smallness - just 16 seats per row - makes them easier to get in and out of.

All seats in these B level sections are bench seats with back support. This might be ideal for larger guests who don\'t have to fit into a stadium chair, though others will be turned off by the overlapping personal space.

As you\'d expect with a reduced ticket price, the views from these sections is just OK. The shallow rise of the lower level pushes these seats pretty far away from the stage. especially if you\'re seated in one of the higher rows, you might feel somewhat removed from the show. We recommend the lowest row possible for the best atmosphere and best convenience to amenities.

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