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Sitting Here for a Concert

Lower level side views can differ drastically depending on where the specific section is located in the stage. For the best views, we suggest looking in sections 101-104 and 118-121. These seats are as close as you can get in the location before starting to feel far away. Typically we suggest to avoid the extreme sections like 101 and 121. That is not the case here. Although you may have a side view, seats located in these sections are much closer than elsewhere in the stadium.

Sections 105-108 and 114-117 are not bad options, but we suggest doing a comparison to the lower levels in the 200 sections. The views are about equal in distance, but the upper level brings you closer to the stage and live atmosphere.  - RateYourSeats.com

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Stuck In the Middle"

    (Section 103) - -

    The view is great, but we found ourselves frustrated to have to leave to grab an extra beer during the show. If you stay in your seat the whole time, these are good 100 level seats. Much better than some of the others at the Tacoma dome that can be far back.

  • "Jeff Lynnes ELO - Electric Light Orchestra - Jun 28, 2019"

    (Section 102) -
  • "First Row. Super Close and Clear"

    (Section 101) - -

    I was a little worried that these would be too side stage but they weren't. Row H was the first row and we saw the band so clear on stage. Once in a lifetime experience. Highly recommend if you're a big fan of the performer.

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