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Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Because the lower level sections at center ice are part of exclusive club seating, the most affordable way to get a center ice view is to head to the 200 level. From here you'll find elevated views of the ice with comfortable looks towards both ends.

When it comes to finding the perfect row in the upper level at T-Mobile Arena, all options are double-edged swords. First, the upper level has come under a lot of criticism for being incredibly steep. This can give you the feeling of looking straight down on the ice if you are seated in one of the upper rows. Of course, being seated in one of the upper rows puts you near the section entrance and reduces the number of steep stairs you have to walk down.

On the other hand, if you are in one of the lower rows, you have to walk down as many as 20 steep stairs to reach your seat. And once you're there, you may have to deal with the railing that severely limits the views from seats in rows A-C.

As a result, we recommend seats in rows E-M. These rows provide mostly unobstructed views, and the walk down the stairs is not as bad as it is heading to the first few rows.   - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Great Seats"

      (Section 225) - -

      Good sight lines for hockey. Visiting team shoots twice.

    • "Feels like you are at a private live viewing"

      (Section 225) - -

      They don't have many of these table top seats - I was curious so I asked the usher standing by our table. While the seats in 200 sections feel steep, these table top seats do not. There are no heads in front of you, so you get a really clean view. Plus no one bothers you when they get up. You c...

    • "Obnoxious Fan"

      (Section 223) - -

      I have been to many sporting events and am a big hockey fan. My wife and I were visiting Vegas and decided to check out a Knights game. Seats are decent, although a little obstructed by the higher railings that are necessary at the bottom of the stairwell. However my biggest complaint is the s...

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