T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena Upper Concourse Sides Seating


Sitting Here for a Fighting Game

The Upper Concourse Sides at T-Mobile Arena offer some of the best views for fighting events. Despite being in the 200 level your view will good because you will be looking down into the octagon from above. This will allow you to take in all of the action and your tickets will be less expensive than floor seating or main concourse seating.

Another great thing about the upper concourse is that you will have great views of the jumbotron, which will be playing the fighting event live as it happens in the ring.

However, the upper concourse sections are known for being very steep and if you are in the lower rows you would have to walk down as many as 20 steep stairs to get to your seat. And once you're there, you may have to deal with the railing that severely limits the views from seats in rows A-C.

As a result, we recommend seats in rows E-M. These rows provide mostly unobstructed views, and the walk down the stairs is not as bad as it is heading to the first few rows.  - RateYourSeats.com

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