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T-Mobile Arena only has two main seating decks, which means that the 200 level is at the top of the stadium. While this may sound too far away, many of the seats in these sections offer great value compared to the lower level.

The lower level of the arena is fairly shallow, and there is just a small block of suites between the lower and upper levels. As a result, the front rows of sections in the 200s are much lower than fans expect. For great views without breaking the bank, we recommend rows A-E in sections 204, 205, 223 and 224. These seats get high marks for their comfortable sitelines and good proximity to the stage. One thing to keep in mind; however, when considering the lower rows is that the entrance tunnels in these sections are located at the top row. So if you\'re seated in one of the lower rows, you will have to walk down a large set of stairs. Fans with knee problems or mobility issues may actually prefer a seat in one of the upper rows as opposed to traversing down the (steep) stairs of the upper level.

While sections 203 and 225 are labeled side sections, some seats in these sections are much better than others. For example, seat 1 in section 225 has a much better angle to the stage than high-number seats - and the reverse is true in section 203. We recommend these seats for fans who want to be close to the stage, want to save a little money and don\'t mind not being able to see the entire stage at all times.   - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Nosebleeds"

      (Section 224) - -

      Actually, these weren't too bad from a "view of the stage" point of view, especially with the 2 big screens. This was our first time at T-Mobile and our seats were pretty high up and very steep. It reminded me of The upper levels of the Chicago White Sox U.S. Cellular stadium when it first opened ...

    • "Whole Arena"

      (Section 223) - -

      We were able to see the entire arena. These are nearly in the middle of the upper level. Super steep stairs, not great for someone who might be afraid or have trouble walking. Overall worth the money to see a concert.

    • "Jennifer Lopez - Jun 15, 2019"

      (Section 223) - -

      The whole place is too big for this kind of a show. Lopez had a really hard time to get some action from the crowd. Maybe it's better for sports. I did not enjoy it and would not buy tickets for another show.

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