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Lower Side Seating at T-Mobile Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

With the exception of floor seating, side seats on the lower level are among the most desirable tickets for a T-Mobile Arena concert. These sections offer (mostly) unobstructed views of the stage, comfortable seating and great proximity to the stage.

The safest bets among section in this seating zone are lower sections 5 and 16. For an end-stage concert these seats offer excellent angles to the stage without any obstructions. You\'ll only have to turn your head modestly to see the entire stage and you\'ll still be very close to the performance.

While sections 5 and 16 are safe bets, sections 4 and 17 offer a chance to be incredibly close to the stage - but they also run the risk of being too much to the side of the stage. If your budget can handle it, we recommend being within the first ten rows of these sections. Because the sections flare out behind the stage as you go higher up, seats in the lower rows have a better chance of a great siteline to all areas of the stage. Another reason to be in a lower row in these sections is that there are fewer seats in these rows (this is also the case with lower rows in sections 7 and 14).

Unlike the rest of the arena where Row A is usually the first row, Row 1 is the row closest to the floor in these sections. Rows AA and BB then follow Row 1, before giving way to rows A-Z.

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    • "Good clear view of stage"

      (Section 17) - -

      Pretty close to the Paul McCartney Stage with out being too far to the side, two other stages might be different set ups. Seat 1 on the aisle.

    • "Perfect seat for a short girl"

      (Section 17) - -

      This seat was perfect for me. I was close enough to see the artist and because it was the first seat off the stairs, I had a good view even when people stood up. I did have to get up for bathroom goers, but it did not bother me at all! And I loved not having to bother anyone when it was my turn to u...

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