Hard Rock Stadium

Dolphins 72 Club and Golden Cane Club Seats at Hard Rock Stadium

72 Club and Golden Cane Club Features & Amenities

Known as the 72 Club during Dolphins games, and the Golden Cane Club during Hurricanes games, these seats offer one of the most unique, but also most expensive experiences at Hard Rock Stadium.

Located right at midfield behind the home sideline, fans are treated to double padded seats which are 8 inches wider than traditional stadium seats, 11 inches of additional legroom, in-seat wait service, and all-inclusive food and beverage (includes beer, wine, and spirits).

Fans sitting in Sections 145 or 147 will find themselves in the ultra premium Living Room Boxes, offering the biggest and most comfortable seats in the entire stadium. Each private box consists of 4 seats, with a private table ledge, cabinets, and a TV monitor for each box.

To top it all off, fans sitting in any of the 72/Golden Cane Club seating sections will have the ability to walk down all the way on to the field as you make your way to the premium club lounge.

The 72 Club Living Room Boxes are home to some of the largest and most comfortable seats in the country. Living Room Box seats measure 8 inches wider and have 11 more inches of leg room than standard seating. These four person boxes will not only have access to the 72 Club with all-inclusive food, beer, wine, and spirits but will also have in-seat service.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2021, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

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