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Sitting Here for a Football Game

While seats in the lower level have the highest value, the best seats at Dignity Health Sports Park for football may very well be in sections 229-235 along the east sideline.

Each of these sections offers an unobstructed view of the field from an ideal elevation. With only 25 rows of seats in the lower level and with the front rows of these sections overhanging the lower bowl, these might actually be the best seats in all of football for seeing the action on the field. Fans will find comfortable views towards both ends of the field without being too high up.

In addition to a great view, fans will find ideal comfort in these sections. All seats include a chairback and armrest. And all of these seats are covered by the roof. While almost every row will provide a stellar experience, we recommend the first ten rows (AA-HH) for their slightly better views and because the top rows can feel a little closed-in due to the low roof line.   - RateYourSeats.com

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  • "Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers - Sep 8, 2019"

    (Section 234) - -

    Seats were very good, but they were right under the speakers and the speaker noise is deafening. Had to wear earplugs!! The crowd was great, but many made the same complaint. Maybe the stadium will take a hint and reduce the volume next game. Possibly it would help to sit in the level below.

  • "Great view!"

    (Section 233) -
  • "Midfield and shady the entire game"

    (Section 233) -
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