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Sitting Here for a Football Game

When looking at the Los Angeles Chargers season-ticket seating chart, the most expensive seats are in the 100 level sections along the sidelines. Each of these sections include chairback seats within 25 rows of the field.

When comparing east sideline seats to west sideline seats, a slight edge goes to sections 108-114. These sections are behind the Chargers sideline and are less susceptible to the sun than sections 129-135. If avoiding the sun is your primary objective, almost all seats on along the west sideline will be mostly shaded for afternoon kickoffs. In sections on the visitor side of the field, Rows M and above see the best overhead cover, but you may want to sit even a few rows higher to guarantee yourself some shade.

If you're a Chargers fan who is familiar with Qualcomm Stadium, you'll recall how the lower level sections are too low to the field and pushed back from the action. Unfortunately, this issue persists at Dignity Health Sports Park (formerly StubHub Center). Its primary use as a soccer stadium leaves extra room between the first row of seats and the field of play. Additionally, the front rows have minimal elevation over the players and coaches. In fact, a number of the lower rows in these sections are being listed as obstructed seats. There aren't any structural obstructions, but seeing over the sideline will be difficult. We encourage fans to purchase tickets in rows R and above, which will be better elevated, better protected from the sun and closer to the concourse.  - RateYourSeats.com

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Awesome seats, view, close to field and players!"

    (Section 108) - -

    Awesome seats, view, close to field and players!

  • "Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers - Sep 8, 2019"

    (Section 111) -
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