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"Worst seat in the house?!"

Seat Review From Section 301, Row 4, Seat 3
Sep 2014


I thought I'd be getting a great spot on the aisle and in the lower rows of a 300 level section which wasn't all that far from the stage, but I quickly realized this could be one of the worst possible places to sit for a concert at Staples Center. A metal hand railing and glass safety partition could not possibly be in a more perfect position to block my view of the center of the stage.
Sure I was on the aisle and super close to the section entry tunnel which was great for restroom trips and grabbing a beer, but it came at a pretty steep cost of not being able to see the performance at the central part of the stage.

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    Decent view from Section 301!

    Oct 2018

    Section 301, Row 9, Seats 5-7

    We’ve never been inside Staples Center and was worried these would be terrible seats. We saw the Bruno Mars concert on 10/27/2018. The seats were decent for the price. You can see the performers on the stage and the large projector screens helped but you lose the sight lines of the left back half of the stage (as you face the stage - this was specific to the BM’s stage set). The stage also had a set of speakers that hung down on the front left and right of the stage which partially blocked the view. However, the sound was amazing! It was also nice to be close to the aisle and the tunnel leading to/out of seats. If we were to see another concert and had to choose the 300-level again, we’d probably go closer to the center, like the 304-306 sections and likewise on the opposite side of the arena as you had a more straight-on view of the stage. Photos taken without any zoom.

    • "Decent view but difficult access"

      (Section 318) - -

      This is a huge section with 33 seats in the row, and unfortunately I was in seat 16 leaving me right in the middle of this monster. I would definitely opt for seats closer to aisle next time, where Seat 1 is on the right aisle, and Seat 33 is on the closer aisle to the stage at the left side of the...

    • "Entire view was obscured and was not told at time of purchase"

      (Section 319) - -

      My two friends and I had absolutely no view. My friend complained and said the screens which were blocking our view to the stage and were sideways were “not supposed to be there”. We basically saw nothing. Only listened. I was extremely disappointed.

    • "Side views and railing distractions"

      (Section 333) - -

      My seat was right in line with the front portion of the stage, leaving me with a side angle view of the performance just below. I was definitely close to the action for being on the 300 level, but unfortunately I couldn't really see any of the artists head on which was a bit of a disappointment. ...

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