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"Good angle to the stage on the upper level"

Seat Review From Section 306, Row 5, Seat 2
Sep 2014


Section 306 is in a corner on the upper seating tier, and has very good views to the center of the stage. The seats angle nicely toward the middle of the floor which allow you to sit back and enjoy the performance without having to move your head around very much. In Row 6 I was far enough up from the front of the section to see over the safety glass in front of Row 1, and had a clear, unobstructed view down to the stage.
With the concourse entry tunnel located at Row 2, I was just a few row walk from the restrooms and concessions. For an upper level seat, this seemed to be a really good value that came with excellent views of the stage.

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    Farthest seat in the stadium?

    Aug 2014

    Section 306, Row 10, Seat 18

    This was the last row in the farthest corner section at the back of the Staples Center.I'm not sure that you can get much farther away. The double-digit rows in the 300 level are really high up there, so be warned. Sound quality isn't too bad. It's actually pretty loud. Can't see much detail and you're kind of alone this far away. If you can't get a close side section on the 300 level, at least try to get a lower row.

    • "Good center stage views from the upper level"

      (Section 314) - -

      I wasn't sure what to expect out of a corner section on the upper level, but these seats were great for providing a clear view to the center of the stage. I was positioned perfectly to be able to see all the action, and wasn't left looking all the way to the left or right the entire time. I could ...

    • "Not for those afraid of heights!"

      (Section 304) - -

      The 300 sections are incredibly steep. When you look towards the floor, it looks like you're looking straight down. This is most apparent in the higher rows. Unless you're looking for the cheapest way to get into the arena for a show, I would stay away from seats this high. The stairs are difficu...

    • "Highest views around"

      (Section 304) - -

      From what I could see from looking around the Staples Center, these are some of the highest and furthest seats available for a traditional end stage concert. And while by comparison they are further than almost any other option, it doesn't feel terribly distant when you're dialed into the stage. Y...

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