Staples Center

"Nothing too impressive"

Seat Review From Section 10, Row 9, Seat 3
Aug 2014


When you walk through the club level, it seems really nice and luxurious. The San Manuel Club has a nice bar and restaurant (neither were open), and you feel really special. But when you get to your seats you wonder why they checked your "Premier" ticket three times before letting you up.

For a concert there's no in-seat wait service, and similar views can be had in adjacent 200 sections. I don't think these seats were more expensive than those normal seats. But if they are, go with the 200 seats.

As for Premier Section 10 specifically, I really didn't like the view. The angle towards the floor was really poor. They might be good for a hockey game, but for a basketball game, and especially a concert, you're gonna end up with a sore neck from looking left all night.

Instead, opt for a more comfortable head-on view in Section 207 or 208. They're farther away from the stage, but it's not like you're touching hands with Katy Perry from Premier 10 anyways. Or if you can afford it, Premier sections 2-5 and 14-17 offer an awesome view.

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    • "Terrible seats with glass in the way!"

      (Section 7) - -

      Stay far, far away from Row 12 in the corner and far side sections. It's great that there's so much accessible seating. But the glass of the accessible seating can be a major problem if you're seated in Row 12. In Sections PR5-14, I would avoid row 11 and 12 at all costs. Your view might be total...

    • "Liked em more than I thought"

      (Section 205) - -

      These seats have almost the same view as the Premier section just to the right. They were comfy, no obstructions and I liked them. Row 1 is definitely gonna be better. But you're already so far from the stage that your view isn't going to improve that much. You'd only want to be in Row 1 to be cl...

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