Staples Center

"Best Overall Seats for Serious Basketball Fans"

Seat Review From Section 112, Row 9, Seat 5
Jan 2018


On the free-throw line, eye-level with the rim, facing the Lakers bench (perfect for seeing player's shooting form).

1. Best side of the court (Sections 110, 111, & 112) because you can see the players benches (same side as TV cameras).

2. High enough up so your view is not blocked by players, coaches, others walking in aisles (big problem viewing from Sections 101, 102 & 119, especially rows A, B, 1-3).

3. Great perspective of both ends of the court.

The center sections are great, however, you're always watching sort of the back end of the action. Sitting in Section 112 or 110, you get a perfect view of your team on offense in the first half, then on defense for the second half.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being close to the action, impressing a guest

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    Andy Garcia sits in Section 112, Row 6.

    Section 112, Row 6

    For Lakers home games.

    Denzel Washtington has 2 season tickets on the wood in front of section 112/113

    Section 112

    For Lakers home games.

    • "Seat A behind the players"

      (Section 119) - -

      Although it was great sitting directly behind the players, I couldn't see the game. Great view of the backs of their heads.


      (Section 119) -

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