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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

With the entire upper concourse located well above floor level, all fans considering 300 level tickets are encouraged to aim for seats in the lowest row possible. This will keep you out of the nosebleeds and also closer to the section entrance located at row 2.

All upper level corner sections at the Staples Center have pretty good sightlines towards the court. So when choosing a section, aim for the lowest row that matches your budget. Also, consider that the farther away from center court you are, the higher the likelihood that the basket might slightly affect your view.

Some of the best popular food selections in the upper concourse are located in the corners near sections 330-333 and 313-316. These include a McDonald's, a Wetzel's Pretzels and a few cocktail bars. Sitting closer to these sections will shorten the walk from your seats to the concessions.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "They were okay"

      (Section 304) -
    • "Very nice view and proximity to everything"

      (Section 303) - -

      These seats are located just 2 sections over from dead center court, so you are not behind the basket or near the band. Restrooms, concessions, and access to the escalator and elevator are excellent. If you park close to the Figueroa entrance, the seats are right at the top of the escalator so you...

    • "Great view of the game for the price"

      (Section 314) - -

      I had aisle seats to the Kings vs. Lakers. It was Dwight Howards debut in a Laker uniform. The Lakers lost, but the game was close. I would recommend sitting in these seats again!

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