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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Like the Premier sections, the 200 level seats behind the baskets are an extension of 100 level seating. By choosing one of these sections over a more expensive seat in the 100s, you can save some money and still enjoy a similar experience.

The best way to enjoy these seats is by sitting in one of the sections closer to the corner (e.g.: 205 and 210). The view from these seats is less disrupted by the hoop than it is in seats directly behind the basket. In fact, your siteline will be similar to the much more expensive premier corner sections. These seats offer comfortable viewing angles from a low perspective.

For most basketball stadiums we recommend avoiding seats behind the baskets. But because the 300 level at the Staples Center is so far away from the court, it's important to be in one of these lower sections at a higher price - even if your view suffers a bit.   -

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