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Staples Center Lower Level End Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Like the adjacent corner sections, sitting in the end of the main concourse is a better option for hockey than it is for basketball.

The biggest issue with sitting in an end section is that the view from most of these seats is obstructed by the basket. When you're seated in these 100 level sections, it can be difficult to see if a basket is made on the hoop near you and can be near-impossible to see the action on the other end of the court.

In addition to obstructions created by the basket, fans seated closest to the floor will be seated on folding chairs in temporary seats placed only for basketball and concerts. The rows at the front (A-M) of these sections do not rise very much, making it difficult to see over fans in front of you. Sitting in rows F-M should be avoided.

Despite the shortcomings of many of the seats in these sections, this is still one of the cheapest ways to sit on the lower level for a Lakers or Clippers game. If this is important to you, choose a seat near the top of these sections. By sitting in a higher row, you'll have a better sightline for seeing the court and you'll also be just a few steps away from the section tunnel and the concourse. Additionally, these sections split in the top ten rows so there are fewer seats per row (easier to get in and out) in rows 11-20. Lastly, the ticket price in the higher rows is less expensive than in the lower rows so if you are disappointed, you'll be at least a little heavier in the wallet.  -

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      I love sitting in 116 106 107 and 117 seats. 116 is the best that i've had because you are close to the lakers bench. The tickets for near center court are 2-3 times more expensive than section 116 yet u are so close to the floor. I've impresed many friends and dates by bringing them to these "behi...

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