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Some of the most expensive tickets for a Lakers or Clippers game are found in the corner sections of the 100 level. Unfortunately, these are also some of the most over-rated and over-priced seats in the arena.

Because the Kings also play at the Staples Center and hockey dimensions are much greater than basketball, you'll find some awful sightlines for basketball games. In particular, you'll want to avoid all seats in sections 104, 105, 108 and 117. For a hockey game, these seats will give you an awesome view of the near net. But for a basketball game, they're angled to look behind the basket instead of at the court. You'll still be able to see the floor, but you'll only be able to do so by uncomfortably turning your body or neck for the duration of the game. You can make the angle slightly better by sitting in a higher row, but you're better off choosing seats in a different part of the stadium.

If ticket prices in these corner sections agree with you and you're intent on sitting in the lower level, consider seats in section 114. They're surprisingly close to the floor and have one of the best sightlines among corner sections.


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  • Love baseline 118 Row 13

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  • I liked all the perks of sitting in the Premier Section.

    This was the closest seat that I have ever had at a Laker game, plus I liked all the perks of sitting in the Premier Section. I hope I get the opportunity to sit in this section again.

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