Soldier Field

"Good view on goal line + overhang"

Seat Review From Section 104, Row 14, Seats 7-8
Oct 2017


These seats look directly down the goal line of the north end zone on the visitor's bench side. There is a good view of the south end zone videoboard (which is the larger of the two).

Row 14 is nice because it is the first row that is completely under the overhang of the upper levels, protecting it from rain and snow while also allowing a close view. Row 13 is also under the overhang but can occasionally be dripped on from above.

Basically the only knocks on these seats are the poor view of the south end zone, but that comes with the territory unless you're in midfield seats, which tend to be much more expensive. It's especially a nice sacrifice when you see a great scoring play on your end, right in front of you.

Best for... watching the game, being close to the action

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    • "Comfortable, convenient"

      (Section 111) - -

      Restrooms were a ways away, by the time you got there, lines were long, but moved fast. We were under the overhang, which wasn't amazing for seeing the replay screen but the weather was warm so it ended up being nice sitting under the shade for the game. Overall, pretty good, great view of the oppos...

    • "Just a Few Feet Behind the Bears Players"

      (Section 136) - -

      This is the second time I've sat in these seats. Was a little concerned with them being too low - especially for a playoff game where I wanted to be able to see everything - but they were better than I remembered. Great experience being so close to the sideline and seeing the coaches and players ...

    • "Section no longer exists"

      (Section 135) - -

      End zone seats, but the view was pretty good.

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