Soldier Field

"Not sure it gets much better"

Seat Review From Section 136, Row 5, Seat 15
Jun 2011


Not sure it gets much better at Soldier Field. Fifth row, 40 yard line, right behind the Bears bench.

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    Just a Few Feet Behind the Bears Players

    Jan 2019

    Section 136, Row 5, Seat 14

    This is the second time I've sat in these seats. Was a little concerned with them being too low - especially for a playoff game where I wanted to be able to see everything - but they were better than I remembered. Great experience being so close to the sideline and seeing the coaches and players interact. No major issues seeing side to side. The TV camera was on this side of the field, but it is not disruptive like it would be if you sat closer to the goal line. Men's room right up the stairs is easy to access but the lines start piling up in the second half.

    • "Covered Near Endzone"

      (Section 103) - -

      There aren't many covered seats in the 100 level at Soldier Field, but these are some of them. It makes it great to protect you from all Chicago elements. They are located near the North end zone, so anything on the South side is harder to see. Luckily there are TVs directly above on the overhang...

    • "Comfortable, convenient"

      (Section 111) - -

      Restrooms were a ways away, by the time you got there, lines were long, but moved fast. We were under the overhang, which wasn't amazing for seeing the replay screen but the weather was warm so it ended up being nice sitting under the shade for the game. Overall, pretty good, great view of the oppos...

    • "On the 45-yard line, behind the Bears bench"

      (Section 138) - -

      These seats were awesome! Amazing view of the field and nearly at the 50-yard line. It was really cool being so close to the Bears bench, because I could see all the players so clearly. The one con I had about these seats, was the cameraman along the sidelines. The cameraman was on an elevated platf...

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