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Bears United Club Seats at Soldier Field

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United Club Features & Amenities

Located on the east sideline and on the second and third seating tier, the United Club sections offer the most upscale gameday experience at Soldier Field

Fans sitting in the United Club Seats for a Bears game will have wider cushioned seating, and access to a climate-controlled lounge with eight bars and upscale food options not available to fans in other seating sections. The lounges feature comfortable seating areas, televisions and private restrooms.

The United Club lounge opens 2 hours prior to kickoff for Bears games with access to a private stadium entrance, and closes 5 hours after kickoff.

These seats may have different amenities for soccer games. See the United Club Review for Soccer Games for more information.

200 Level Club Seats

On the second tier of seating along the east sideline is where you will find the 200 Level United Club seats. Fans in this area will not only have excellent views of the field from an ideal viewing height, but will also be treated to upscale amenities as a part of the premium seating options. Fans here will enjoy padded seats, private entrances and restrooms, a private Bears Pro Shop, and eight full-service bars

Most sections in this area feature 19 rows of seating, and will have good overhead coverage in the back rows. Given the wide range of amenities and great clear view of the action, these seats are some of the most expensive offered at Soldier Field for a good reason.

300 Level Club Seats

300 Level Club seats are found on the third seating tier along the east sideline at Soldier Field (Sections 301-317). Fans with a ticket here will be treated to premium amenities as a part of the United Club seats, including padded seating, private entrances and restrooms, private Bears Pro Shop, and eight full-service bars.

From the third seating tier fans have a very good viewing height to see all areas of the field, and will always find themselves with the desirable and traditional sideline views from almost any section in this area.

Most sections in the 300 Level Club have 18 rows of seating, which makes for manageable walks to and from the premium club concourse.

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Underneath the Overhang"

      (Section 216) - -

      Amenities with club tickets are good (indoor lounge access, etc.), but these are probably the worst club seats for watching the game. Last row in the last section. Have to turn your body to see the field. Forget about seeing the videoboard. On the plus side, don't have to walk any stairs to get t...

    • "Not the best"

      (Section 315) - -

      There is a cameraman in your view blocking about 30% of the field.

    • "Interesting Area of the Club"

      (Section 302) - -

      This was the last section of seats and the layout is kind of interesting. The lower rows barely have any seats, so if you're sitting there you're getting a lot of room to yourself. I heard someone say that it was like having your own private suite. Whether that's good or bad, I'm not sure.

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