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Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Soldier Field

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While it comes with no surprise that the best views for football games at Soldier Field will be found near midfield, the unique construction of the stadium offers some notable areas where fans can get an impressive balance of viewing height and proximity to the field.

Being on the 100 level will undoubtedly keep you close to all the action, but not all seats on this lower seating tier offer those phenomenal views you're probably looking for. If you're all about being as close as possible without sacrificing a view, you'll want to stick with the upper rows (15 and higher) of sections 106-112 and 133-141. From here you get excellent balance of being able to see both ends of the field (thanks to being near midfield), and you'll also be higher up on the lower tier for seeing over the team and equipment along the sidelines. Sitting lower on the 100 level is certainly exciting, but the views will get more difficult due to the lower elevation above field level.

One of the more unique areas to consider for a great view are the 200 level Media Deck sections near the 50 yard line on the west side of Soldier Field (sections 235, 237, and 239). These are not considered to be club seats, but provide with a very premium feel due to the small seating sections and more private atmosphere. Although technically labeled as a 200 level section, these seats sit very close to the field due to Soldier's smaller lower tier. What makes these such an intriguing option is the complete overhead coverage above, which may cause you to lose sight of a high punt for a millisecond and can block videoboard sight lines, but ensures you stay out of the weather and focused on the action on the field.

200 level seating on the east side of Soldier is home to some of the best views possible when sitting near the 50 yard line (opt for sections 207-211), but you'll also need to spend quite a bit more to get here due to the upscale club amenities. Much like the Media Deck, you get that amazing combination of seating height and close proximity to the field due to the smaller lower level sections below. You won't have the same overhead coverage, but as a part of the United Club you can quickly make a trip to the upscale club level concourse to get a break from the weather when needed.

If you're looking for great views on a tighter budget, search for seats in the first 10 rows of sections 334-340 on the west side of the stadium. These are the seats which create the overhang for the Media Deck, and in doing so they sit closer to the field than you would expect for a 300 level seat. You'll be close to midfield for great all around views, and Bears fans will be happy to be closer to the home team sideline. Overall, you'll get a 200 level feel with excellent views at a 300 level price range.

Another unsung and more affordable option for great views at Soldier Field are the endzone seats behind the uprights on the 200 level (sections 221-223 and 251-253). These seats come with great viewing height, and straight away sight lines to the field as well as a videoboard at the far endzone. With little to no head turning required, you can sit back and enjoy the game in comfort. Stick with the first 10 rows for a better all around experience as you'll be closer to the lower entry tunnels and have good proximity to the field.

Among the seats you will want avoid when searching for a ticket with a good view are the upper rows of the 400 level seats along the west sideline (sections 427-447). Being this high up can make it difficult to follow all the action (especially when sitting in the corners) while also leaving you with longer walks up and down the steep aisles. You should also be careful when searching in section 356, as the lower numbered seats here have obstructed views due to the building structure to the left.  -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Sections 235, 237 and 239

Amazing views near the 50 yard line

Well protected by overhanging deck above

Close to the Bears sideline

Rows 1-10 in Sections 334, 335, 336 and more

Close positioning to mid field

Excellent seating height for watching the game

Not too high up where views are more distant

Rows 15-19 in Sections 106, 107, 108 and more

Desirable lower level seating

Close proximity to the 50 yard line and team benches

Further up on the lower tier for better sight lines

Rows 2-10 in Sections 221, 222, 223 and more

Comfortable straight away views of the field

Good angles to the endzone videoboards

Sections 207, 208, 209 and more

Excellent viewing angles from being near mid field

Perfect combination of viewing height and distance

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