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Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans at Soldier Field

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If you're coming to Chicago and looking to cheer on the opponents at Soldier Field, the best seats will be the ones that get you closest to visiting team players. Unfortunately these are often some of the most expensive seats for football games due to being on the lower 100 level, so be prepared for higher prices when looking for the best overall visiting fan experience.

For the die hard fans, the top option is sitting directly behind the visitor bench in sections 107-111. Not only do these seats keep you close to your favorite players, but they also have you between the 25 yard lines for excellent sight lines to both endzones. However you will have to make a choice here as the lower rows will be the more exciting option due to the proximity to the bench, but with the limited elevation above field level it can often be difficult to see portions of the field. Conversely, the higher rows will have you further from your favorite players, but do provide a far superior viewing height for being able to see the field clearly (opt for rows 15 and higher for the best views).

Can't afford seats right behind the visitors bench but still want to be on the lower tier? Try searching for tickets in sections 101 and 155 at the north east corner. From here you will be right by the visiting team entry tunnel (located between these two sections), for great views of the players as they move between the field and the locker room. Visiting fans should also be aware though that section 155 is an alcohol prohibited seating area, so you won't be able to bring your adult beverages from the concourse to the seats. The first 3 rows in each of these sections will be the best spot to be if you're looking to get a high five, and below is a list of the seats which get you right beside the tunnel:

  • Section 101: Row 1 Seat 9, Row 2 Seat 10, Row 3 Seat 11

  • Section 155: Seat 19 in Rows 1 through 3

Another option which we recommend for visiting team fans is the 300 level south endzone near the east sideline (sections 318-321). You'll be further from the players, but still have a nice viewing angle down the visitors sideline and ticket prices will be much more affordable than being on the lower level. One of the most notable aspects about sitting here is the impressive view which you'll have to portions of the Chicago Skyline in the background above the far endzone. Travelling for a road game can be much more memorable when you get to experience both the game and the surrounding city culture.

A final honorable mention goes out to select seats on the Media Deck (sections 232-242) if you happen to be visiting Soldier Field for a game in December. Chicago winters can get quite cold, and these seats will keep you out of the weather thanks to excellent overhead coverage from the 300 level sections above.  -

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Recommended Ticket Locations

Sections 107, 108, 110 and more

Closest seats to the visitors sideline

Impressive proximity to the field

Sections 101 and 155

Right by the visiting team entry tunnel

Impressive lower level positioning

Sections 318, 319, 320 and more

Great viewing angle down the visitors sideline

Excellent sight lines to parts of the Chicago skyline in the background

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