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Lower Level Side Seating at Soldier Field Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

If you aren't able to score a ticket in the front portion of the field level sections, the seats in the lower level sections will be your next best bet for a traditional end stage concert performance at Soldier Field. These seats keep you on the lower permanent seating bowl for less of a birds eye view, and can keep you close to the action on the stage.

For a typical end stage setup at Soldier Field, sections 105 and 142 are among some of the best options as these seats keep you close to all the action on stage, while avoiding extreme side angle sight lines. A bit closer to the stage, sections 104 and 143 will have an impressive feel, but will begin to have a side view of the performance.

If you are just looking to get close to the performers and don't mind a less than ideal side view of the stage, you could consider sections 101, 103, 144, and 146. However it is important to note that it will be very difficult to see the front of the performance from most of the seats here. Whenever possible, opt for the lower numbered seats in sections 101 and 103, or the higher numbered seats in 144 and 146, as these will give you the best possible angles from these two sections.

Most lower level side sections have 19 numbered rows of seating, with concourse entryways located at the very top of the sections (just above row 19). For a good combination of excellent viewing height and proximity to the concourse, search for seats in rows 8-15. During daytime performances, sections on the east sideline (101-115) will see more sun than those on the west sideline.  -

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    • "Clear view of the stage "

      (Section 133) - -

      These seats were off to the side rather than directly on the field facing the stage. I'd prefer being off to the side considering the seats are elevated so you don't have to worry about somebody tall standing in front of you and obstructing your view. You can see the stage perfectly and concessions ...

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