Scottrade Center

"Front row at the blue line!"

Seat Review From Section 304, Row A
Oct 2014


I was sitting in a higher corner row, but decided to sit down here for a few minutes just to get an idea of what the view was like compared to higher rows. Wow, it is so much better - and I actually like the corner view!

Row A in the 300 level is a really, really good height for hockey at Scottrade. Though if I were buying seats here, I'd actually go a row or two higher. There is a pane of glass for safety that obstructs the view just a bit when you're in these seats. If you're a really tall person, it may not be an issue, but more averaged sized individuals may find it a little annoying.

One thing I specifically like about Section 304 is that it's close to the escalator. I could only find one on each end of the arena, so they seem pretty rare. Being this close, I saw a lot of fans bringing food up from the 100 Level - which might take you 20-25 minutes if you're not close to an escalator.

Best for... watching the game, impressing a guest

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