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"Exactly What I Wanted"

Seat Review From Section 120, Row U, Seat 8
Oct 2016


Was looking for comfortable and moderately priced seats in the lower level on the side the visitor Blackhawks shoot twice. These delivered perfectly.

First, the accessibility of these seats is fantastic. Row U is just three steps up from the tunnel. And my seat was on the aisle. So I was literally six feet from entering and exiting the section. I normally don't get up during games because I hate how long it takes. But that's not an issue here.

Great view of action on the near goal. Especially when a power play is headed this way, it gets really exciting. When the play heads the other direction, the view can get far. But with the corner view, there is no head-turning to see end to end. Everything is out in front of you.

The main drawback is that you do have to look through the net to see the ice. This does get annoying at times. Kind of like watching TV in standard def.

Overall though, these seats are great and highly recommended for all fans.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, impressing a guest, fans of the oppposing team

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