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St. Louis Blues Mezzanine Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

As with Mezzanine level seats along the sides, there is a significant difference between low rows and high rows in 300 level corner sections. While lower rows (especially A-E) offer great views of the scoreboard and fantastic sightlines towards the action, rows near the top of these sections are about as far away from the ice as you can get. When you also consider that fans seated in Row C will have the shortest walks to concessions and restrooms, it makes sense to spend a few extra dollars to be in a lower row.  -

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  • "Comfortable Corner Location"

    (Section 325) - -

    Didn't like being right in the middle of the row. But I did like the comfortable angle that you get from being in the corner. Could see nicely over the net in the lower level so that wasn't a distraction. I didn't get up at all during the game, but Row B is right at the section tunnel so I barely...

  • "Love the Corner View"

    (Section 326) - -

    For a preseason game these were $7. Hard to pass up any sporting event these days at that price. I love a corner view at a hockey game and this did not disappoint. When the action is on this end of the ice, these are primo. Puck gets a little small going the other way (where the Blues shoot twice...

  • "Although high, had a perfect view in my opinion."


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