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Blues Glass Seats at Enterprise Center

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Glass Seats Features & Amenities

Ticketholders in the first row of the lower level have access to the Rinkside Club, an exclusive club for lower level Glass and Rinkside ticketholders. Fans will enjoy all-inclusive food and beverage in the club, along with early (2 hours pregame) access to the stadium. Carving stations, sandwiches and a fully stocked bar are all included with your ticket.

Furthermore, glass seat ticketholders will gain access to Pub 67. The Pub is located inside the Rinkside Club and is only open to Row A glass ticketholders. This area features private seating, a private bar and additional lounge space.

Plaza Level Center Sections

While the club seats attract most of the attention for Blues games, seats in the Plaza level typically offer a cheaper price tag and closer proximity to the ice.

Sections 101-105 on the player bench side and 114-118 on the penalty box side are located between the goals and will have fans within 23 rows of the ice. Among these seats, fans will find some of the best views in rows P-W where you'll have no problem seeing over the glass and you can see side-to-side comfortably.

If you prefer to sit as close to the ice as possible, the Glass Seats in Row A come with all-inclusive food and beverage and access to an exclusive club space and bar.

Plaza Level Corner Sections

For the best looks at board battles and for good sightlines towards center ice, consider corner seating on the Plaza level. With more than 30 rows of seating in each section, choose your row carefully to ensure a memorable experience.

If you're looking for that heart-pounding excitement of being just inches away from the players as they crash into the boards, choose seats nearest to Row A. In addition to close proximity, ticketholders in the front row receive additional perks such as access to the Rinkside Club Lounge and complimentary food and drink.

For fans looking to get on the lower level at a reduced rate, the highest rows in these sections are usually the cheapest lower level tickets. Rows AA-KK have similar views to adjacent club sections at a fraction of the price.

For the best balance of proximity and overall experience, consider seats in rows N-T. They're cheaper than lower rows, their elevation allows you to see both sides of the ice and they're close to the section tunnel for quick escapes to restrooms and concessions.

Note: The net at the Enterprise Center is in front of corner sections, so it that is a distraction to you, you'll want to sit elsewhere.

Plaza Level End Sections

Seats behind the net offer fans another inexpensive way to buy tickets on the lowest seating tier. Most of these sections contain more than 30 rows of seats with single-letter rows located at the front and double-letter rows (AA-KK) located above Row Z.

The best views from these sections are usually located at the top where you'll be able to look down on the ice. This gives you a clear view of both sides, while you may struggle to see the opposite end from the front rows.

Glass Seats in Row A come with fantastic views of the hard-hitting action behind the net, along with complimentary food and drink in the Blue Note Lounge. Other premium seating can be found in the Rinkside Club seats at the front of sections 105-114.

If deciding between corner seats and those behind the net, most fans prefer corner seating. From there you'll get slightly better sightlines and cleaner looks at both ends.

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    • "Standing Room Only at Back of Section 122"


      Standing Room Only tickets are available at the back of Section 122 in the lower level. These tickets are commonly labeled GA or SRO and do not come with a seat.

    • "Blue Note Lounge North between Sections 114 and 115"


      For Glass Seats tickeholders, the second Blue Note Lounge is located near sections 114 and 115. This bar is fully stocked like the main Blue Note Lounge.

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