Scott Stadium

Scott Stadium Upper Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

The sunniest seats at Scott Stadium are above the east endzone in sections 517-523. While these sections give fans a head-on view of the videoboard, they also give the sun a head-on view of fans in these seats. For late afternoon games and hot early-season contests, be sure to bring the sun block and a hat.

If the sun isn't an issue, you'll find good elevation for seeing the entire field in a single glance, along with views of campus behind the open west endzone. You'll have the best views of scoring plays in the near endzone, but you might struggle to see detail when the ball moves towards the west goal line.

Given their nature as some of the cheapest UVA football tickets, you get a lot more for your money in the cheap seats than you do in other larger ACC football stadiums.   -

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      (Section 520) - -

      Great view of the entire field, if you don't mind sitting in the endzone. I like watching the play develop (like a coach's birds-eye view of the X's and O's). The bench seating is crowded and squished but not completely uncomfortable. The atmosphere is solid, certainly better than places like Ball S...

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