Scott Stadium

Scott Stadium Lower Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Lower corner seats at Scott Stadium are made up of 100 level sections near each endzone and the smaller 300s sections just behind them. While the numbering is different, the 300s are essentially an extension of the 100 level with wheelchair-accessible seating in between.

Each corner of the stadium has its own unique personality. In the NW corner, sections 101-103 are student seating and the atmosphere is a bit more rowdy. Across the field in sections 129-131 fans will find ok views of the field, virtually no view of the videoboard, but the sun will set behind these sections.

Near the east endzone, sections 111-113 are among the sunniest in the stadium. Sections 119-121 are also heavily exposed, but the sun is not a direct factor in the late afternoon. East corner sections 113 and 119 have some of the best sitelines and are among the best value picks in the lower level.

For the best overall views and access to amenities, choose a row near the top of each section (or in a 300 section). The elevation makes seeing the entire field easier and you'll be closer to the concourse.   -

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