Sanford Stadium

North & South Club Seats at Sanford Stadium

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North & South Club Features & Amenities

For the best views in the stadium, most fans prefer sideline seating on the second deck of Sanford Stadium. Their perched position gives them impressive views of the entire field without being too far away.

The North & South Club also features smaller sections for easier in and out, chairback seating and almost fully-covered and shaded seats.

Club Level Sideline Sections

The second level of seating along the sidelines is home to some of the best seats in Sanford Stadium. This location has a great elevated view of the action with a potential to be sitting at the 50 yard line behind the visitor's bench.

These are some of the best views you will find in the stadium with ideal elevation and a great position.

In addition to the great views, these sections receive special amenities for being on the club level, which include access to the club concourse. The great view and club level benefits combine to make these some of the most expensive seats in the stadium. Each section is covered and includes fewer than ten rows of seating.

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    • "Obstructed view!"

      (Section 236) - -

      Spent over $100 for this seat with no mention of an obstructed view by either Sanford Stadium's or StubHub websites. Pretty weak if you ask me.

    • "Protected from the sun, rain, and long lines...very civilized! "

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