Safeco Field

"Not great for a concert"

Seat Review From Section 241, Row 6, Seats 9-11
May 2016


I'm pretty sure that most of the stadium seats are far away from the stage, but it was disappointing how far away it seemed. Even seats on the field probably seemed far away.

But the worst thing about these seats was that it was impossible for anyone to get in or out of these seats without making everyone in the row stand up to let us by. Also, the fact that the seats were so tightly packed together made it difficult for people that just wanted to sit and enjoy the concert, and for those who wanted to move and dance.

I've never attended a concert in a stadium before, and probably won't do it again. But Billy Joel was awesome. So much energy!

Avoid if... you're bringing the family, you consider yourself "Big" and "Tall"

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