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Sideline seating on the lower level is made up of sections with as many as 79 rows, with the largest sections located right at midfield. Fans on the west side of the stadium will find good overhead coverage in the last 10 rows of seating thanks to the overhanging 200 level sections above, while seats on the east sideline are some of the most exposed to the weather with no protection at all.

The team bench locations can vary for each game based on the decision of the coaching staff, so we recommend reaching out to confirm the bench setup for your game if you\'re looking to stay close to either the Northwestern bench or the visiting team bench.

Northwestern Student seating can be found in the south east corner (Sections 111-113). Chairback seating options are available in the box seats, which are located in Rows 18-21 of Sections 106-110.

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    November 26 - Illinois Fighting Illini at Northwestern Wildcats
  • Section 131, Row 5
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    November 5 - Wisconsin Badgers at Northwestern Wildcats
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