Moda Center

Portland Trail Blazers 100 Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Baseline seating in the lower level is made up of sections 105-108 on the north end and 116-119 on the south end. Both sides offer similar experiences with the exception of 118 and 119 where you have the opportunity to see the Blazers players up close.

Rows closest to the court are double-lettered (ex: DD) and should be mostly avoided. If you're not seated in one of the first two rows, opt for something with a little more elevation and better views of both ends of the court.

The best overall experiences in these seats are in higher rows of sections 105, 108, 116 and 119. While you would ideally like to be closer to the court, you can see more of it from the higher rows and you'll be just a few steps away from concourse amenities. Finally, these sections aren't as affected by the baskets getting in the way of your view.

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