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Upfront views of scoring chances from behind the line of scrimmage is what the Endzone location is all about. While views of the opposite endzone may be far, this vantage point allows fans to appreciate play execution and route running at its finest collegiate level.

4 sections at each endzone comprise this 8 total section location, with sections 24 and 27 having fewer seats in some sections due to stadium tunnels. As with all other sections in the main seating bowl, these sections feature a very large number of rows so we recommend staying near the entry tunnels which are found at Row 25.

Rows N-A are located at the front of each section (Row N being closest to the field), followed by the numbered rows above. An aisle down the middle of each section creates a left and right half, which are commonly refereed to as the High (H) and Low (L) part of the section. As you face the field, the Low (i.e. 15-L) part is located just left of the aisle starting with Seat 1, while the High (i.e. 15-H) part is located just to the right of the aisle starting with Seat 101.


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