Rose Bowl Stadium

UCLA Football Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

The corner location provides a unique viewpoint of all the Rose Bowl action as fans view across the field diagonally, and experience the excitement of scoring opportunities at the near goal lines.

The corner location consists of 8 sections, with two in each position running from North East to South West (Sections 1, 8, 9, 14, 15, 22, 23, and 28). Sections at the Rose Bowl are some of the biggest in all of football, so we recommend staying near the entry tunnel located at Row 25 to minimize the number of stairs to walk before reaching your seats.

Lettered rows are located at the front of most sections here, running in reverse order from the field (letters further down in the alphabet will be closer to the field). Numbered seating follows behind Row A, which extend all the way to the top of the stadium at Row 77.

An aisle down the middle of each section creates a left and right half, which are commonly refereed to as the High (H) and Low (L) part of the section. As you face the field, the Low (i.e. 15-L) part is located just left of the aisle starting with Seat 1, while the High (i.e. 15-H) part is located just to the right of the aisle starting with Seat 101.

One of the two areas designated for the visiting team ticket allotment can be found here, when sitting in rows 30 and higher in the low portion of section 8 (also known as 8L).  -

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Good view even with higher row"

      (Section 23) - -

      Crazy atmosphere at the Rose Bowl game. Close to food, drink, and bathrooms.

    • "Decent angle to see action"

      (Section 15) - -

      Just high enough for a good view of the game.

    • "Don't watch the game, experience it."

      (Section 9) - -

      Section 9 Row M is the second row from the field. Row N is technically the first row, but we had no one sitting in N, so we moved down to N. You can smell the grass, talk to the players, and feel the game experience. Will you know for certain whether the team got a first down or what is happening at...

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