Rogers Place

Rogers Place Lower Club Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Some or all of the sections in this seating zone are club seats. To read about the benefits and amenities offered in these seats, please visit Club & Premium Seating.

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Incredible view"

    (Section 118) - -

    I’m confident these seats have the best view in the entire arena. Looking at the ice, the sections were slightly to the right of center ice. What I liked about this was that I rarely had to turn my head side to side as I do when sitting in the middle. Both goals were easy to see but the goal close...

  • "Special seats behind visitor bench!"

    (Section 103) - -

    My wife and I were very impressed with our seats Friday night! Located behind the visitor’s bench, we had a front row view of the action. These seats also permit access to the Coventry Homes Club. This is an exclusive area with a private bar and many food options which were great for avoiding the ... is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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