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Toronto Blue Jays 500 Level Infield Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Infield seats in the 500 level are a great way to get a good view without breaking the bank. Sections 522-526 are behind home plate and have an incredible view of the center field scoreboard.

Unfortunately, the shape of the upper bowl has some sections much farther away from the field than they should be. You are better off buying seats farther down the line than being in 518 or 530.

The first fourteen rows of Sections 520 and 521 are non-alcoholic.  -

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    • "Best Value at Rogers Centre"

      (Section 519) - -

      Not sure what the earlier reviewer was talking about. 518/519 and 530/531 are closer to the field than behind home plate. Yes you're closer in the outfield, but the viewing angles are not nearly as good. The 200 level infield are by far the best seats to actually watch the game. Next is the 100 ...

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