Rogers Arena

"Close to the action"

Seat Review From Section 119, Row 4
Sep 2018


Excellent when the action is down your end but quite easy to lose track of what's happening at the other end.

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    Favorite Seats: Section 119 Row 13, Seat 1

    Section 119, Row 13, Seat 1

    Favorite Seats: Section 119, Row 12, Seat 3

    Section 119, Row 12, Seat 3

    • "Section 116 Row 18 Seats 11-12"

      (Section 116) -
    • "Great view - Game ruined by nose bleed bums taking empty seats"

      (Section 117) - -

      Centre Ice expensive tickets surrounded by loud offensive obnoxious drunks as soon as they could sneak in. It took them until the end of the first period but they got in. Brutal seat control. Game absolutely ruined. Why pay when all you have to do is find the good seats empty and sneak in. We were s...

    • "Great seats"

      (Section 115) -

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