Reser Stadium

"Great seats... Not great people behind you"

Seat Review From Section 118, Row 31, Seat 21
Oct 2017


So these are great seats... if you are a visitor, the family behind you (who have had the seats for '10 YEARS!') are not great to be around. Went for my sons first football game, while being visitors we were treated great by great fans in the tailgate area, in the seats though, that not the family to have sit behind us! Bitter losers, even before the game began.

Sorry Potato Salad Stadium but you lost this family. Your poor fan base just lost anything our family has to offer. Way to 'Coug it'!

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    Sections 111-126 require a staircase to access rows 12 and above

    The tunnels from sections 111-126 access a walkway that splits the upper and lower parts of the sections. Rows 12 and above require a staircase from the walkway that goes to row 17. Fans in rows below row 17 will need to use the staircase and come back down to access their seat.

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