NRG Stadium

Houston Texans Field Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Located just behind the endzones and on the closest level to the field of play, these sections offer unmatched proximity to scoring plays in the nearby endzone.

Sections 117 and 118 in the North Endzone are also reffered to as the Bull Pen during Texans games and are known for having the most enthusiastic and supportive Texans fans, who have implemented numerous game time traditions including songs and chants. Bull Pen ticket holders are encouraged to stand for the entire game and show their enthusiasm loud and proud, so fans are advised to seek different sections when bringing children or family.

Most sections in this location contain 36 lettered rows of seating, staring with single letters at the front (Row A) and ending with double letters at the back (Row JJ).  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Good Seats"

      (Section 137) - -

      Seats were good but it was cold!

    • "Real Good Seats"

      (Section 117) - -

      The bullpen is where I want to be at, for every game.

    • "Announcer muffled"

      (Section 117) - -

      The sound was muffled and hard to hear the announcer. Realize it was a loud crowd, but we were directly under the speakers and still it was hard to pick up what the announcer was saying.

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