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Houston Texans Field Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Located closest to the field of play and along the sidelines, fans will experience some of the best views and proximity to the field in these lowest level sections located nearest to midfield. Most sections contain 36 rows and are lettered from Row A (closest to the field) to Row Z, then followed by double lettered Rows AA to JJ (furthest from the field of play). Entry tunnels are located at the top of each section, leaving the longest walks to fans closest to the field.

Sections 105-108 are located behind the home team bench and closest to the 50 yard line on the West side of the stadium, while sections 125-128 are located behind the visitors bench on the east side of the stadium.   -

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    Rows A-J in Sideline Sections Have Some Level of Obstruction From the Players

    The lower rows in sideline sections (102-111 and 122-131) will deal with some level of obstruction by the players.

    While these seats will put you closest to the field, Rows A-J (at the front of each section) will have difficulty seeing action as it moves towards the endzones.

    • "At the 30 yard line, 10 rows from the field"

      (Section 128) - -

      Great view behind the visitors bench. Some camera obstructions, but doesn't take away from the great view. Perfect for taking close ups of your favorite players.

    • "Wow"

      (Section 131) -
    • "Great seats"

      (Section 122) -

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