Raymond James Stadium


Seat Review From Section 102, Row Y, Seats 12-13-14
Apr 2016


Cost me $700 for 3 tickets and I purchased in February, meanwhile people purchased seats in the past 2 weeks nearer to the stage and paid 100-150 per ticket. The view of Beyonce sucked, she looked like and ant. I did not pay all of that money to look at the projection screen. I am quiet disappointed with the seating chart. I chose those assuming we would be closer. If going to a concert at Raymond James do not choose those overpriced sections looking directly at the stage, you will be far behind. Best seats were on the sides and were cheaper. I kept calling ticketmaster and the stadium box office for an upgrade. They had none. So the cheaper the ticket the better the view. #disappointedcustomer #daughterbirthdaygiftsucked #Iwantarefund

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