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Globe Life Park (Rangers Ballpark)

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Upper Level seats are pushed back pretty far from the field, so make sure to choose seats in a low row or in sections 324-328 for a home plate view. Don't be fooled by the difference between box seats and reserved seats. Box seats offer no additional amenities; they are just in lower number rows. Sit on the first base side for the earliest sun.

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Fan Ratings & Reviews

  • Really nice view of the ballpark and good angles on everything.

    The height and distance is the only negative. This can cause a disconnect from the action, especially in lesser games.

  • Good seats because all the action is in front of you.

    Obviously right behind home plate, field level are the best. But I have Section 327 which is behind home plate and in the upper deck. Good seats because all the action is in front of you. I am in Row 6 b/c the Rangers have raised the safety ...More

  • Great view of field and Rangers dugout.

    Bathroom is directly outside section, which is great.

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