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Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Down the Line seating at Rangers Ballpark will give you a vastly different experience if you are on the first base side vs. the third base side. The first base side will get the shade earlier, while the third base side will have a better head-on view of the scoreboard. Though, some fans have complained about being obstructed by the 200 level when sitting in the last few rows of the 100 sections down the line.

Aim for a row closer to the field in sections 13-15 or 37-40 for a great chance at a foul ball.

For a bargain in the lower level, target Section 42 and be near some of the ballpark's most popular concessions.  -

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    The view from the rangers website where I purchased these seats was NOTHING like reality. We were completely covered. No view of scoreboard and unable to the infield (only able to see 2ns base when seated). The location was also basically a wind tunnel (probably nice on a warm day but felt like... is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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