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Globe Life Park Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Globe Life Park

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With a capacity nearing 50,000, Globe Life Park has no shortages of seats - both good and bad. The stadium is fairly symmetrical with only a few quirks, which makes finding the best seats fairly easy.

For the best overall views of the ballpark, first consider sections 222-230 behind home plate on the club level. All club seats are located at the perfect height to see every inch of the ballpark in a single glance. These comfortable sitelines are made better in the small sections just below the press box. With just four rows in a section, access to the concourse is a breeze and your time away from the action is minimal.

If you prefer to sit closer to the field and don't mind sitting on the visitor side, look towards sections 18-23 on the third base side of the field. These seats will provide one of the better views from the infield, and will also be head-on towards the main videoboard high above right field. We recommend the higher rows in these sections for instant access to the lower level walkway and for more comfortable views of the ballpark.

For fans on a bit of a budget, seats behind home plate on the 300 level are a fine choice for seeing all the stadium has to offer and for one of the best birds eye views of the game. Just beware of the railing that obstructs views in the first few rows. You'll do best in rows 5-9 where you'll have the fewest stairs to walk and will have a clear view of the field.

Other Considerations

  • The lower walkway is located between the 100s sections and sections numbered less than 100; you may be distracted by pedestrian traffic if seated in the front rows of the 100s
  • Right field sections are mostly covered by a roof supported by pillars; rows 1-6 in sections 44-47 are your best bet for a clear view
  • The main videoboard is located high above right field; if deciding between seats on the first and third base sides, opt for third base seats and a direct look at the video screen

Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 16-32 in Sections 18, 19, 20 and more

Excellent view of the infield and the main videoboard

Slight elevation allows for more comfortable views of the entire field

Seats are in front of the main walkway for easy concourse access and no distracting fans walking in front

Sections 222, 223, 224 and more

Best panoramic view of the field from behind home plate

Just below the press box - see the game as the announcers do

In-seat wait service and quick club level access means less time away from the game

Rows 5-9 in Sections 322, 323, 324 and more

Elevated home plate view allows for more comfortable sitelines to all areas of the ballpark

Above the railing which can severely disrupt your view from the first four rows

These rows are close to the section tunnel for easy access to the highest concentration of concessions on the 300 level

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

I think Lower Infield Section 26 or Premium Section 25.

You really get into the batter pitcher confrontation from this perspective because you can almost call balls and strikes and really see the movement on the pitches. You also have the best angle on batted balls and get a good view of positioning and range. The only annoying thing about these seats are looking through the net.

  • "Great view of the entire field!"

    (Section 20) - -

    Seats were perfect. I think we were in row 17. Rangers fans were very nice, had a boomstick to eat (awesome!), near restrooms, and the view was great. The stadium was clean and beautiful! is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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