Find Shaded and Covered Seating at Globe Life Park (Rangers Ballpark)

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Shade and Cover FAQs

Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon

Globe Life Park is one of the hottest stadiums in Major League Baseball and it gets no hotter than at the start of midday games at 1:05 and 2:05 PM. Fortunately, there are a number of shaded seating options that can help keep you cool during the dog days of summer. Fans can find relief from the heat in all 100 level sections (112-139), along with most outfield seats in right field. Lastly, the highest rows of the upper deck (especially on the first base side) are well covered and offer ample shade, even at high noon.

Recommended Seats in the Shade

100 level seats in the shade for afternoon games
The covered seats of the 100 level offer a perfect sanctuary for a hot afternoon game at Globe Life Park

With shaded seating available on three different levels of the ballpark, there are options for just about every budget. But the best among these are sections 112-139 which are located just above field level seats. Each of these sections is fully covered and comes with the best shade in the park. Within these sections you can sit behind the Rangers dugout on the first base side, behind home plate or on the third base side behind the visitor dugout.

Hottest Seats For Early Afternoon Game

While club seats on the 200 level seem like a great option for any game, they are among the hottest seats in the stadium for early afternoon games. These seats are not covered and are offered no protection from the suns rays. If you're sitting here, be sure to wear a hat, apply sunscreen regularly and drink plenty of water. Other seats with limited or no protection include all field level sections (low-number sections), and seats in left field on all levels of the ballpark.

Shaded Seating For Games After 3:00

For late afternoon games (3:00 and later) at Globe Life Park, fans will find shade in the usual places (100 level and right field), along with some additional seats on the first base side. As the sun moves towards the west, the back rows of sections down the first base line (28-42) will become shaded. Similarly, the last few rows of club seating on the west side of the stadium (sections 227 and above) will begin to see relief, along with most of the upper deck. As the game progresses until the later innings, more and more rows in each of these sections will be in the shade.

Club Level Seats in the Shade

For early afternoon Rangers games, it's almost unthinkable to sit in the club level in July or August. These are among the hottest and sunniest seats in the stadium. But as the day creeps on, the highest rows in these sections will begin to see some shade. By about 3:00 you'll be able to find shade in the last row or two and every 15-20 minutes will add another row to the list of shaded seats.

Avoid Seats in Left Field

Sunny seats in left field at Rangers Ballpark
The unrelenting sun is most prevalent in left field during late afternoon Rangers games

While the movement of the sun begins shading more and more seats on the first base side of Globe Life Park, more and more seats down the left field line will be directly exposed to the hot sun. As 3:00 rolls around, sections 3-11, 201-210 and 301-310 will be like sitting under a hot bright light. If you're seated in these sections, be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat and drink plenty of fluids. In the hot summer months, the sun will persist in these sections well into the evening (until about 7:00-7:30). 

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