Lumen Field

Seattle Seahawks Lower Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

With the Charter Sideline seats taking up the lower level real estate near midfield, the Lower Level Sideline sections are located closer to the endzones than the 50 yard line.

Positioned on the periphery of the sidelines and seating close to field level, these sections have a good view of the entire field but a fantastic view of the nearest endzone.

The roof acts as a protective overhang for these sections, so fans will be well protected from precipitation.

Most sections in this location run down to the field level with 27 to 28 lettered rows of seating, except for sections 103, 115, 129, and 141 which are set further back due to entry tunnels below and feature no more than 8 lettered rows.  -

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    • "Nice seats"

      (Section 131) -
    • "Above Tunnel"

      (Section 131) -
    • "12 MAN BOOM"

      (Section 140) - -

      The people around us were awesome. You get a great view to the field. The restrooms and snack bar are right around connor as soon as you exit. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS BABY #12 MAN!!!! DEC. 29 2013

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